Couple Transforms Denver Back Yard Into Whimsical Retreat

From the entrance onward, the Aegerter garden surrounds guests with a lush, tropical ambiance.

Steve and Kathy Aegerter know how to have a good time in the garden.

Their creative use of plants and garden art reflects their fun-loving attitude toward life in general.  Take their collections, for example.  Kathy, who’s retired from the education administration, has collected funky, colorful birdhouses, watering cans and pots, which she displays throughout the garden.

Steve, who runs a landscape design and installation company, has artfully arranged the plants and hardscape to lend a tropical feel to the couple’s Denver back yard.  He refers to the patio area as PV, which is reminiscent of the couple’s annual trips to Puerto Vallarta.  Steve also has created other “destinations,” or garden seating areas, including Paradise, Punta Mita and Palmetto.

Kathy Aegerter (left), in a blue tropical shirt, relaxes with visiting master gardeners on the couple’s back patio. Steve, also in a tropical shirt, oversees festivities in the background.

Grasses sway in the breeze.  Lights adorn the patio and other seating areas.  Painted flowers enliven a back fence.  It’s a regular paradise.  If you don’t believe me, just check out the photos below.

Steve. a former college art major, displays his skill with a brightly painted fence and swing to light up a back corner of the garden. Two of Kathy’s vibrant bird houses complete the picture.

What advice does Steve offer other gardeners who want to add whimsy and interest to their gardens?  “Use lots of different colors and leaf textures in your plants,” he says.  As for finding garden art, he suggests, “Keep a sharp eye out for interesting objects.  You might find something on sale at Home Depot that nobody else wants.  You can find things almost anywhere.”

Bright watering cans surround an antique scythe on a fence along the entrance to the Aegerters’ tropical paradise.

The Aegerters skillfully combine the smoooth texture of a terra cotta vase with the varied textures of grasses, groundcovers and shrubs.

Lights twinkle above this seating area surrounded by raised beds. A repurposed tractor seat sits in the foreground.



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2 responses to “Couple Transforms Denver Back Yard Into Whimsical Retreat

  1. I love this. So full of personality!

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