Deb Courtner is a landscape designer, consultant and writer who works with busy homeowners to create appealing, water-efficient yards.  She owns and operates Blossoms and Blueprints, LLC, a design and consulting firm in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She has written garden features for The Denver Post, NOCO Bloom, and the Fort Collins Nursery blog.  In addition, she has facilitated garden-related workshops for Denver Botanic Gardens, as well as for other organizations.  Her volunteer work includes serving as a Colorado State University Extension master gardener.

Deb holds a bachelor of science degree in journalism from Kansas State University, a masters in business administration from Columbia University, and a certificate in landscape design from Front Range Community College in Westminster, Colorado.  She spent most of her career in the financial industry before discovering her passion for plants in 2003.

To reach Deb, please email blossomsandblueprints@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Blossoms & Blueprints and Deb Courtner assume no responsibility for injuries, damage, loss or inconvenience incurred as a result of using information from this blog.

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